Everyone has the opportunity to experience a unique way of reaching new heights!
With their different shapes, vibrant colors and variety of textures, no Challenge is alike.



Amazing is tailor-made for first time climbers who want to strengthen their skills and learn valuable techniques! The vertical maze appearance allows footholds and handholds to be gripped in a variety of ways encouraging climbers to problem solve as they ascend. Participants will gradually gain confidence and be a pro in no time!

Big Cheese

Suitable for climbers of all sizes, this challenge offers plenty of options in terms of a path to the top. Participants may choose a dominant color to dictate their path; yellow bring the most difficult option that requires immense flexibility as well as analytical skills. Petite and tall climbers will appreciate the process of determining the ideal course to reach the wall's peak!

Speed Climb

Speed climb is a challenge truly crafted for the naturally competitive! With a pair of walls, participants can satisfy a rivalry. The LED lights in the corner moulds and visible timer create a fast paced, high energy experience for participants as they race to the top!


The detonator is a 3D climbing experience designed for any adventurous climber! This Challenge features brightly colored spheres that  participants must grab onto using small holds and large handles as they make their way to the top. The amusing appearance will draw in crowds and not disappoint!


Made up of an attention grabbing that resembles pixels, this challenge encourages participants to select a specific color when determining a route upwards. The round holds mounted on the wall's face can be gripped in a variety of ways but it is up to the participants to discover the ideal hand placement. This element not only offers an entertaining experience for participants but one worthy of social media for all!

$12 per person (includes a $5 arcade game card) 5 rock wall climbs

Waivers need to be signed for minors by a parent or guardian that is 18+ for EVERYONE participating in Laser Tag, Sky Course & Rock Walls.

Closed Toe / Back Footwear is required for the sky trail and clip n climb walls.
Guests must be a minimum height of 42 inches.